Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello Hooters

Thursdays after work, a few guys from work and myself have been going for dinner and drinks. One week we went to Akasaka where we spotted Hooters. I was genuinely excited for the wings, and I believe my coworkers were more curious to see how Tokyo Hooters "stacked" against the rest. As we made our entrance past the cute Hello Kitty in the window wearing Hooters attire, we were shortly thereafter making our exit. Much to our disappointment, we couldn't get a table. Yes, you needed a reservation for Hooters on a Thursday night.

Instead, we salvaged the evening and walked down the street and picked a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Instead of chicken wings, we now had the option of chicken from around the diaphragm, which none of us braved ordering.

Tomorrow is already Thursday and I'm
anxious to see where we end up this week....always and adventure!

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