Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shabu shabu

My fav type of restaurant to go to so far is shabu shabu. You get two hours and can include the all you can drink option for a bit more but definitely worth it. Usually two drinks and it pays for itself. I'm excited to take Ashley and Bryce here when they come next month because I know there will be enough veggies and tofu to fill vegetarian Ashley up. It can be hard to find vegetarian dishes at japanese restaurants, so Ashley, you better eat a lot here, and bring lots of granola bars.

Here's a pic from a big group dinner we had last month with people from work. This is the Chinese version, but the Japanese version works the same. You simply drop the meat and veggies in the boiling pots of seasoned broth, let it cook, fish it out with your chop sticks and enjoy!

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